Interior Signage

Transform the look & feel of your office with our Custom Interior Signage. We specialize in creating quality interior business signs that are durable & cost-effective. We can survey, design, fabricate, and install signs and graphics on time and under budget. Let's get started.

ADA Signage

Independent Impressions is experienced in supplying signage that is compliant with American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. These are commonly designed with braille and tactile graphics. Common applications include: Offices, Financial Centers, Hospitals, Churches, Schools & Universities. To learn more, or to find out if your signs need updating, contact us today!

Regulatory Signage

Regulatory signage is often needed for Certificate of Occupancy and many times become generic building standard signs. We aim to incorporate your branding and offer Egress signage as well as custom informational signage. Every effort should be made to help effectively communicate proper egress. We hope these signs are precautionary but we realize that in the event of an emergency it is important to clearly explain proper procedures.

Modular Office Signage

We realize that your employees might change from time to time, but your signs shouldn't have to! We make name and title changes cost effective and easy to manage.

Privacy and Distraction Window Films

Customize the look of your office or meeting space with the addition of Privacy or Distraction film. We are intentional about maintaining your branding throughout your environments. Privacy films are a great way of create discreet meeting spaces within your office. Distraction films are a great way to keep your customers and staff safe as they move throughout your facilities.

Privacy Film

Independent Impressions has worked for decades developing teams of talented creatives. We aim to be an always local installation team with an emphasis on excellence. Our goal is to leave your space cleaner than when we arrived. To learn more, or to find great options for your space, contact us today!

Distraction Banding

Sometimes we get so busy in our daily tasks that we can lose sight of what's in front of us. Sometimes the glass is so clean, that we can't tell its there... We've all been there before, and walked into a piece of glass we couldn't see. Independent Impressions, provides custom distraction banding to be an attractive extension of your branding while keeping your staff and customers safer in the process.

Custom Branding Elements

A great way to reinforce your branding elements throughout your space is to incorporate different textures. Here is a fun example of the work we do regularly for our clients. Custom Cut Logo, applied to Glass.


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